SSL Enforcer is an operating system level tool which looks out for insecure http connections from any browser or other application, and reroutes them to use https, instead.

If a site doesn't have an https equivalent then the connection will be blocked, which is, well, a little drastic. But then it's not intended for general browsing.

SSL Enforcer is more useful when you're computing on the move, maybe connecting a wifi hotspot, as it ensures you're using an encrypted connection at all times.

Still, if SSL Enforcer's strict rules cause you problems then you can add exceptions, allowing http access by certain processes or to particular domains. Or you can disable and reenable it with a click.

The developer also points out that the program blocks http at the system level, from the very first request, so there's not a hint of a data link.

There's no routing traffic through tunnels or proxy servers, either, which means SSL Enforcer shouldn't have as much effect on performance as you'll sometimes see elsewhere.


It's not for general use, but SSL Enforcer can be a helpful way to protect your personal details when you're computing on the move.