A massive proportion of the websites you visit, online services you use and, increasingly, programs you may have installed, require you to log into an account with a username and password. As each of these passwords have to be a particular length, include a combination of letter, numbers, symbols and cases – as well as being unique – it is little wonder that many of us forget our login credentials from time to time.

Rather than insecurely writing them down on paper to serve as a reminder, Password Safe and Repository 7 can be used to store all of your login details in a secure database that can only be accessed using the single password you will need to remember from this point forward.

The personal edition of the program is completely free of charge, but there is only one downloadable file available. This contains all of the various editions of the program in one, so the first time you launch the program you will have to indicate that you want to work with the free, personal version. Once this has been done you’ll be guided through the initial setup process by a wizard.

Of course, sticking with the free version of the program means missing out on some of the features that are found in the commercial version. Specifically, it is not possible to make use of software plugins or to take advantage of the USB feature of the program that would allow you to take your passwords with you when you use different computers. You are also limited to storing up to 20 records organized in up to 15 folders.

If you are concerned about storing all of your password in one place and protecting them with a single password, there is the option of securing the database with a file as well. If one or the other is not present and correct, your encrypted password remain inaccessible. Your passwords can be organized in different groups with different options available for different types of password.

There are a few extra options including a secure password generator which helps you to ensure that the passwords you create are as strong as possible, but it is password storage and retrieval that are at the heart of the software. The program automatically locks when it is left unused for a short while, so there is no need to be concerned about walking away from your computer.


An invaluable security tool that take the hard work out of having to use passwords.