Most people aren't aware that when you want to remove files from your PC, dragging them to the Trashcan will erase them eventually, but those files are easily recoverable, either by someone with access to your computer or when you dispose or sell it to someone else.

What you need is a tool to safely and securely wipe files you want completely removed. O&O FileErase is a tool which will do only one thing - allow you to select the files you want to remove, then use military-grade technology to make sure they are fully removed.

Use FileErase is very simple. Just choose the files/folders you want removing. Once you're happy with the results, move to the next stage using the wizard-driven user-interface. Here you can choose the type of security you want to use to wipe the data. On a basic level, you can overwrite with zeros. This is the quickest procedure but could leave the files as recoverable. If you want to make sure the files are beyond recovery, choose Highest Security which will wipe the files many times, but also take the longest time to complete. You'll see the estimated time below for each option.

FileErase is a commercial application retailing for $14.95, but essential if you want to sell your computer or upgrade the hard drive and really need to remove important data. However, if you want to erase your entire drive - probably more essential if disposing or upgrading is your intention - you'll need to move up to O&O SafeErase Professional.


Decent tool for removing files you want securely erased, but we'd still advise considering spending a few more dollars and moving up to the more powerful O&O SafeErase.