If you had a look through your browsing history you might be surprised at the contents. Not only do websites drop cookies on your devices, but they also allow other websites to see your likes and dislikes and, as a result, ads are tailored to target you, often with products you might not be expecting to see.

You can use your web browser in an incognito mode so it doesn't track your browsing habits and even lock down your settings so websites can't throw customised ads at you, but what you can't easily do is securely wipe your browsing history. And we mean to a point where it can't be recovered.

Let's face it, if you have something to hide, you need to make sure it's wiped to the point where it's impossible to be retrieved, even by professionals. This is where O&O BrowserPrivacy is required.

O&O BrowserPrivacy is a basic tool which enables you to choose the browsers (Chrome, Firefox and Edge are supported, but not Opera or the likes of Pale Moon, Avast Secure Browser and similar custom browsers) you want to target, what you want to be removed and then, next the type of wipe method.

Wipe methods are graded from Lowest Security through Highest Security, where the highest level will overwrite 35 times and, as a result, take the longest to complete.

And that's about it. O&O BrowserPrivacy does nothing more than securely wipe your browser content.


Very simple tool which potentially could or should be freeware. We'd also recommend SafeErase which offers everything O&O BrowserPrivacy can perform, plus much much more and for a few extra dollars/pounds/euros.