If you’re seeking a new security tool, where do you start? Some of the free anti-virus and anti-spyware tools are great, but do they really have the resources to update their definitions against some of the most immediate threats? It’s dilemma for sure. If you’re anything like us, security is critical as we deal with files all day every day. We could never completely rely on free security tools.

However, some of the more recent security suites are so picky that they tend to check every single aspect of your online and offline browsing experience, expecting you to be complacent, thus they check everything. The result? A much slower system. We’ve noticed this when working with local HTML documents and files. When putting together a disc interface, for example, the security tools check files, local HTML documents, links and everything. This reduces our system speed by at least 20%. You just have to keep waiting for the security tool to do ‘it’s thing’ every time.

Norton Internet Security was somewhat guilty of this a few revisions ago and we ended up moving away from the software, despite our security suite of choice a few years ago. Luckily, Symantec have realised that it slowed your system, so spent time working on this aspect. It’s now much quicker than it’s been previously, so you now get a much speedier security suite, plus all the better aspects of a commercial developer supplying the latest definition updates.

The latest Norton Internet Security 2010 includes improved SOLAR pro-active prevention against threats (less reliance on definition updates to recognise a threat to your system). Other highlights included improved anti-spam filtering and much more.

Note that this is an extended 60-day trial.


One of the worlds more popular security tools ships with a range of extra functions, including better pro-active protection against the latest threats and more