NoBot is a tiny free tool which aims to detect and remove "the latest spyware and malware threats".

The interface is basic and poorly thought out. You start on the Home tab, for instance, with some basic stats and a "Check for updates" button, but to actually launch a scan you must click the Scan tab, then the Scan button.

The program seems to use VirusTotal to check running processes for threats. That's a reasonable idea, but it also makes for terrible performance (it checked 11 files and 57 Registry items in the first 60 seconds of our initial scan).

A Settings dialog allows turning off VirusTotal analysis, if you prefer. It also indicates a couple of other indicators the program is using: "check file digital signature" and "detect suspicious file paths".


NoBot is small, easy to use, and it's just about possible that its VirusTotal analysis might pick up something your own antivirus has missed. But we wouldn't rely on it: treat this as a last-ditch, fourth-opinion package only.