With so many web sites now requiring visitors to log into their account before they can do anything, it is little wonder that many people resort to using the same password to secure several online services. This has obvious flaws as a security measure, and LastPass has been designed to make it easier to deal with passwords. LastPass is a browser plugin that securely stores all of your passwords on one place and can even automatically enter them for you.

Data stored in LastPass can be synchronised between multiple computers so there is no need to update each of them manually and there is also protection against identity theft. When configuring LastPass you can provide certain key personal details, such as your address, as you will be alerted whenever a web sites attempts to extract this information from your computer.

LastPass can also be used to store other confidential information online, safe in the knowledge that no one else will be able to access you secure vault.

Note that this is the version for your iPhone or iPad. Although the app is free, you can only use LastPass for iOS if you've signed up for the LastPass Premium (paid) service or haven't previously set up a free account through your browser. Premium allows you to use any mobile app, plus set up Family Shared folders for letting up to five family members share the same login information.

What's New in Version 4.1.9

We’ve been working hard to improve the LastPass app on iOS! This release includes several small improvements and bug fixes, including:
- Updated PIN code page.
- New 3D Touch shortcuts.
- Fixed multifactor trust setting not working.
- Fixed saving phone number in form fills.


One of the easiest ways available to secure your passwords and ensure your online safety, although you'll need to spend $12 a year for access from all your mobile devices.