People still don't appear to realise that, when you move files to the trashcan, they are never fully removed from your hard drive. A simple unerase tool can easily recover the files.

When you come to dispose of your PC or hard drive, although you've deleted your most secretive files, anyone with any inclination to recover them could achieve their aim in minutes. What you need is a proper file erasure tool which will securely wipe the files for good.

File Shredder is a simple tool from the guys at NoVirusThanks. Simply add the files and/or folders you want to erase and click 'Erase' to wipe the files. To be even more sure the files have been eradicated, you can choose from various wipe options, including single pass, 3 passes (DoD), 7 passes (DoD), 35 passes (Gutmann), 50 passes (Extreme) or even 100 passes (Insane). It's worth adding that if you choose 35 passes or higher, it can take ages for the process to complete.

And that's about it. That's all File Shredder will achieve. There are no additional features. You can wipe your files, make sure they are non-recoverable and move on.


Simple and effective file erasure tool, but with no bells and whistles. If you need to securely wipe files, this will do the job for you.