DisableWinTracking is an open-source application designed to disable various Windows 10 tracking and telemetry features.

The program can turn off a couple of services, disable some Windows Defender features, turn off WifiSense, uninstall OneDrive, block some telemetry, and stop other tracking dead by adding known tracking domains to your HOSTS file.

This can be dangerous, and might break some Windows features. You shouldn't use the program unless you're sure you can recover from any disaster. But the developer has at least tried to protect users by turning all options off by default. For example, it won't disable WifiSense until you check the box to its left.

Run the program as an administrator to try it out. Consider making a system restore point before you make any changes, and if you're curious exactly what a particular option does, check out the project page for more information.


DisableWinTracking effectively blocks some Windows 10 tracking technologies by deleting services rather than just disabling them, and blocking connections to tracking domains via HOSTS. But the interface is basic, and the program doesn't block as much as the best of the competition.