Bitdefender Home Scanner is a free tool which scans your wireless network, identifies connected devices and checks them for vulnerabilities.

The program can detect and work with desktops, phones, tablets, and smart home devices such as games consoles, wifi cameras and smart TVs.

Bitdefender Home Scanner is able to spot devices with poorly encrypted or insecure authentication, weak login credentials and "hidden back doors".

Once the scan is complete, the program lists all connected devices and gives you useful information about them. It didn't just tell us there was something at, for instance-- it correctly identified this as our router, gave us the manufacturer and the MAC address.

Bitdefender Home Scanner also highlights any issues it finds. It can't fix these, instead offering some advice on what to do next. This is basic - "make sure your device or service is up to date" - but it's hard to be more specific when you could be detecting any wireless device,

That's it for the on-demand scanner, but the program also has an optional "on connect" mode. Turn this on and Bitdefender Home Scanner detects and automatically scans any new devices as they connect to the network.

Please note: you'll need a free Bitdefender account to use the program.


Avast has provided home network security scanning for a few years now, and it's good to see Bitdefender Home Scanner addressing similar issues. Check it out.