Avira Ultimate Protection Suite is a comprehensive security suite which provides everything you need to keep you safe, both online and off.

Strong real-time protection monitors your downloads, email attachments, the programs you run and more, detecting even brand-new threats just as soon as they appear.

Web protection warns you of dubious links in your search engine, blocks phishing and other dangerous sites entirely. Parental Controls keep your kids away from the worst of the web. And Social Network protection monitors your streams, looking for and removing dubious links before you've a chance to click them.

The big change this time is there's no firewall any more. Instead, Avira Ultimate Protection Suite now includes an interface for the Windows firewall (this requires that you're running Windows 7 or later).

Another tweak sees a secure online backup service - with 200GB of space included - replace the old local backup tool, while Avira's Android Security app can protect your Android devices against loss or theft.

And while you'd normally expect all this functionality to slow your system down, Avira Ultimate Protection Suite 2014 is different: it also comes with a complete System Speedup tool which aims to accelerate your PC's performance. This includes tools to clean and defragment your hard drive, control your services and startup programs, find duplicate files and more, and could be a great way to bring new life to a sluggish old PC.

Note that the trial version here does not contain System Speedup, which can be downloaded separately (and is included when you buy the full Avira Ultimate Protection Suite 2014).


A powerful security suite with an excellent speedup tool thrown in.