AppCheck Anti-Ransomware is a tool which monitors processes for ransomware-type behaviour, blocking any threat it finds.

The program also includes a file protection component which automatically backs up files before they can be encrypted, enabling AppCheck to undo most damage. (These backups are held in a special driver-protected "RansomShelter", ensuring they can't be encrypted as well.)

All this happens automatically, and without you having to do anything at all. AppCheck does have a simple interface which you can access from a system tray icon, but you may never need to use it. The system is essentially "set and forget".

Perhaps because of this simplicity, the program has no significant local documentation. There is some information online, though, and you'll find it here.

AppCheck's free version detects and blocks ransomware, but you'll need the Pro version (priced from $11 a year) to remove it. This also includes MBR protection, shared folder protection, scheduled backups, premium support and more.


Simple and apparently effective anti-ransomware which you can run alongside your existing security software.