Acronis Backup and Security 2011 is actually two separate desktop products rolled into one package: True Image 2011 handles the backup side of things, with Acronis Internet Security 2011 providing protection against malware. A bonus backup tool – Acronis Online Backup – is also included, with 5GB free online storage space for your precious data files online; if it’s not enough, you can upgrade to 250GB space for an additional $20/year, which compares favourably to other online backup services.

True Image is much more than a simple drive-imaging tool – it can do all of that, but it also comes with various file-based options, as well as a tool for backing up email, ensuring most avenues are covered. It can also be used to clone disks, and there’s a fully featured drive-shredding tool built in too for ensuring your sensitive data is securely wiped from your drive.

Everything is handled via friendly wizards with three basic types: disk and partition backup, nonstop backup (ensuring your files are backed up within minutes of any changes), and online backup. Select Tools and Utilities to reveal even more useful features: mount previous images for retrieving individual files and folders, or convert Acronis images to and from Windows-based backups for maximum compatibility and convenience. There’s even a “Try and Decide” snapshot mode where you can backup, install some software and then roll back if it doesn’t work out to your tastes (or trashes your system).

Acronis Internet Security 2011 is a comprehensive internet security suite, with protection against hackers, viruses, scamware and spyware. There’s also a file vault where you can encrypt sensitive files and keep them safe from prying eyes. It’s actually a rebadged version of BitDefender 2011, which means it’s a decent, middle of the road option – there’s better overall protection out there, particularly when it comes to malware blocking and removal, but it excels as an anti-phishing and parental control tool, plus boasts a gaming mode. It’s designed to be quiet and unobtrusive, with three modes available for different levels of experience, making it as easy for beginners without locking experts out of the finer points of the suite.

The trial version works for a generous 90 days before requiring registration, which will give you plenty of time to ascertain if it’s the suite for you.


If you need both backup and security in one package, then Acronis delivers in spades at a reasonable price point.