Spybot Anti-Beacon is a portable tool which makes it easy to disable an array of privacy-related Windows 10 settings.

The program opens at a "Protection" tab, where it lists the status of ten individual areas: Telemetry Hosts, Telemetry Services, Telemetry Group Policy, Consumer Experience Improvement Program Group Policy, Consumer Experience Improvement Program Scheduled Tasks, Application Impact Telemetry Group Policy, Steps Recorder Group Policy, WiFi Sense (HotSpot Sharing) Group Policy, "Apps use advertising ID", P2P Windows Updates outside local network.

Unblocked settings are displayed in red, blocked in green. You can click Immunize to block everything, and Undo to restore your original settings, but there's no way to enable/ disable individual features.

An "Optional" tab offers more control, allowing you to toggle any of four features: Web Search Group Policy, Cortana Group Policy, OneDrive Service, Remote Registry Service.

A "Log" tab displays anything interesting Spybot Anti-Beacon has spotted as it works, and the "Change Log" tab tells you more about the latest Spybot Anti-Beacon build.

Although the basic Spybot Anti-Beacon is freeware, note there's a Plus version for $9.99 which offers regular free automatic updates and more.

This is the portable version of Spybot Anti-Beacon.

What's new in v3.5 (see full changelog):

- Added Avast Telemetry.
- Added AVG Telemetry.
- Added Lavasoft Flow Telemetry.
- Added Malwarebytes Telemetry.
- Added McAfee Telemetry.
- Added Trend Micro Telemetry.


Spybot Anti-Beacon is very easy to use, but provides no explanation of what it's doing, and doesn't allow you to disable/ enable most settings individually. For experts only.