USB drives do not just have to be used to store file - they can also be used to house portable apps that can be run from the drive on any computer without the need for installation. This makes portable apps ideal for anyone who finds that they are regularly working on more than one computer and do not want to worry about having to ensure that the software they need is installed.

The suite comprises a massive range of portable applications which cater for most day to day computing tasks. A portable edition of Firefox is included to meet your web browsing needs, while Thunderbird and Sunbird take care of email, tasks and calendaring. Further communication options are available by using the Pidgin instant messaging tool.

Sumatra PDF is part of the bundle for viewing PDF files and there is even a portable antivirus tool in the form of ClamWin Portable. KeePass can be used to securely store your passwords, while CoolPlayer is an audio player that can be used to listen to your favourite music on the move. PNotes is a not taking application and serious work can be undertaken under AbiWord or OpenOffice. There are also games included for entertainment.

There is little difference between the Light and Standard editions of the suite, other than the fact that the Light version includes the AbiWord word processor rather than the portable version of OpenOffice.


The Suite contains such a number and range of tools that it could easily be used as your complete software arsenals - everything you need is included.