Hddb is a portable MFT-based search tool for NTFS drives, which means it's extremely fast at locating file names, but it can't search for content. The developer says that "Hddb was built in imitation of Everything", and you can use it in a very similar way.

Start to enter your target file name, and matches appear and are updated almost as quickly as you can type. Once you spot a target file, you can launch it with a quick double-click, or right-click to see the usual Explorer context menu. And there's also a File > Export option to save the list of matching files to a plain text report.

Hddb has a few potential advantages over Everything. It doesn't require administrative rights when searching, so you won't see as many UAC prompts.  The program can be much faster when sorting by date or size. It doesn't rebuild its database automatically, either. Some people may see this as a problem, but it does mean you won't be kept waiting on launch occasionally while the database is updated.

Plus there's much more. A "named search" menu, which allows you to select various common searches in a couple of clicks ("Pictures", "Music", "Videos" and so on). A "Query Composer" builds more sophisticated searches based on file name, extension, minimum/ maximum file size, modified dates and more. There's even a built-in web server, which means your database can be accessed from anywhere.

Note that this is the Portable version of Hddb.

v4.3.3 (Full Release History):

- GUI crashes when checking drive state on network drives
- A french localization bug that could cause gui crash
- GUI crash when showing more actions(with condition base items) on xp
- Avoid the run-as dialog when starting FileHasher on xp


Hddb is a capable search tool which will quickly find files on any NTFS drive.