Easy Duplicate Finder, as you've probably guessed, is a straightforward tool that scans your PC's drives for duplicate files, then lets you delete any unnecessary copies. That may seem unnecessary if you've a large drive, with perhaps hundreds of gigabytes free, but it's surprising how much space can be taken up with these duplicates. And every one of them contributes to file fragmentation, and slows down operations like defrags, searches and perhaps virus scans, so the more of these you can delete, the better.

You may have to be patient, however. Finding duplicates is a very resource-heavy task, and if you've lots of files, or are scanning slow external drives, then it could take hours to produce the complete report.

Fortunately the program displays some useful progress indications as it works, though: the number of files it's discovered, the duplicates it's found, and the amount of drive space they're taking up. This soon mounts up - more than 5GB of data was being wasted on one of our test drives - but when the scan is complete you're able to select the files you don't need, then delete, rename or move them to some other folder.

And that's where the only potential difficulty with Easy Duplicate Finder lies: figuring out which files are essential, and which you can do without. Duplicate files aren't always unnecessary, so don't just work on autopilot, and reflexively delete everything the program has found. It's much better to work your way down the report, choosing only duplicates that you're 100% sure can be removed, while leaving everything else safely alone.


An effective way to free up hard drive space, but be careful - it's also easy to delete files that you really need