Does your PC take a long time to boot or shut down, have problems after waking up from sleep or hibernation, or occasionally crash or lock up for no apparent reason? These, and many other odd issues can be caused by buggy drivers, which is why keeping yours up-to-date is a very good idea.

You could try doing this yourself. Just make a list of every device on your PC, find out the manufacturer, then visit their support site every day to look for new releases. But it's probably rather easier to get a little help from Device Doctor, which will do this automatically and in just a few seconds.

The program is incredibly simple to use. Unzip it (no installation is required), double-click DeviceDoctor.exe, and you're presented with the very basic interface.

Click the Begin Scan button and it checks your driver versions, comparing them with a central database to discover any that have updates available.

Within a very short time (around 20 seconds, on our test PC) a report will appear with a list of potential downloads.

Choose an outdated driver, click Download Update, and you'll be taken to a web page with a link to the driver file. Download this, run it, follow any setup instructions and your driver will be updated. It's very, very easy.

And because this is a portable tool, if you unzip Device Doctor to a USB drive then you can easily use it to update friends PCs, too. Although, be careful, while the program was accurate in our tests, there's always the possibility that a driver update may go wrong and mess up your system. Always take a system restore point before you start, and then you can always undo any changes later, if necessary.


None of the restrictions or costs you see with competing products - just a quick, easy and entirely free way to keep your drivers up-to-date