Your browser favourites are an invaluable record of all your regular internet destinations. Unfortunately, if you're anything like us, they're probably also something of a tangled mess, with many duplicate links filed in the wrong folders, and others that haven't worked for years.

AM-DeadLink can help bring a little order to this chaos, though, by scanning your favourites and reporting problems. Do you have lots of duplicate bookmarks, for instance? Just launch the program, click Bookmarks > Find Duplicates and AM-DeadLink will show you. Select those that are misfiled, then delete them all in a couple of clicks.

It's just as easy to have the program check for broken bookmarks. We set AM-DeadLink to work scanning our collection of 2,300 favourites, and in just under 7 minutes it had separated the working links from the long deceased. It's then simple to delete anything you don't need, reducing the clutter and making it easier to find everything else.

And the program is rounded off nicely with some useful extras, including the ability to download FavIcons for your bookmarks, back them up to ZIP files, or export them in comma separated or tab-delimited files.

The only problem we found was that AM-DeadLink can no longer delete bookmarks within Firefox, apparently "to avoid conflicts due to changes in the Firefox database". It can still check for broken bookmarks, but that's not quite as useful if you can't remove them later.


A quick and easy way to check your browser favourites. Pity it can't delete dead links within Firefox, though