Computers are supposed to help us become more organised. To some people that means that a large monitor and a tower case make good places to stick all their Post-It notes, others prefer to move that information inside the computer. If you fall into the latter category, TreeLine may be of interest to you. TreeLine is an information storage program, that can be almost any type of information but is best suited to short notes and fairly unstructured data. TreeLine uses a tree structure (which will come as nor surprise) and nodes of that tree can be one of several types. Each node can also contain several fields, of various types. TreeLine can be used to store dates, URLs, plain text or HTML. It looks like, and can be used as, an outliner, but is more flexible than that. Nodes can be linked and can be executable to run a program or open a file when clicked.

TreeLine stores your information in XML files, so it is accessible without the program. If that doesn't suit you, TreeLine can be set to compress or encrypt (or both) the data it saves. In addition to the XML save format, TreeLine can also export in various formats, including HTML, tab-limited tables and ODF text documents, as used by and readable by most word processors.

If you want a way to store information without going to the trouble of setting up a database or Wiki type environment, TreeLine is well worth considering.


 If you feel the need to get organised, TreeLine may be just what you need.