Stellar Phoenix Word Repair is a smart tool for recovering corrupted Word documents (DOC and DOCX).

While that can be a very complex process underneath, the program itself is very easy to use: just point it at your broken file and click Scan.

Stellar Phoenix Word Repair recovers what it can, and displays some of this - text and formatting - to demonstrate that it works.

The demo version won't give you the entire document, unfortunately. Formatting isn't complete, and a lot of the text is replaced by <demo> tags. You'll need to buy a licence to get the full picture.

Does it work? There are no guarantees, but as a test we removed the first 256 bytes of a document, and it recovered most of our file without difficulty.


Stellar Phoenix Word Repair is easy to use, and can recover data in some situations, but there are no guarantees. Try it, see what the program can do for you.