Office 700 is an "unofficial" port of Apache OpenOffice to iOS.

The package has 5 modules:

- Text Document (ODT)
- Spreadsheet (ODS)
- Presentation (ODP)
- Drawing (ODG)
- Formula (ODF)

As you'd expect, you can open and save to a host of document formats, including Microsoft Office and PDF.

OpenOffice wasn't built for touch support, of course, but Office 700 has a few basics built-in: pinch to zoom, long tap to open a context menu, two touches for scrolling and so on.

The package also has its limits. Some are no great surprise (no macro support), others maybe more problematic (can't handle protected ODFs, no support for printing).

What's New in Version 2.3.0

version 2.3.0
New Features
- Support for Audio and Video
- Update toolbar layout


A huge amount of work seems to have gone into this project, but we're not yet sure how reliable the end results are going to be.