The iPhone and iPad are ideally suited for note taking on the move, and there is certainly no shortage of apps to choose from. Notebooks aims to stand out from the crowd by not only enabling you to take notes in a variety of ways, but also import text and images from other files, create to do lists, configure reminders and much, much more.

Notes can be arranged in individual notes, or category style books that can be used to keep related text together. Rather than using tags, 'contexts' can be used to allow for easy navigation of related documents, but there is always the search tool on hand to help out further.

Content can be imported from a range of different files including HTML, RTF, Office and iWorks and there is no limit to the length of an individual note. If the app is being used for serious writing, a live word count is on hand to help you to keep track of how much you have written and you can also switch to working in landscape mode to make better use of screen space.

Notes can also be created from the contents of the clipboard, which is great when you are conducting online research. The fact that books can be nested allows for a great degree of organisation, and password protection means that your private data can be kept secure. While Notebooks may initially seem expensive, spend just a little time working with the app and you'll soon release that it is great value for money.


One of the most versatile note-taking tools available, Notebooks could replace several of your existing apps. Notebooks is everything you could hope for from a notebook app, and much more besides.