PDFs enable you to send a document to another user and for them to see your work exactly how it appeared in your application, whether this was a DTP tool or a web design editor. Problem is that most PDF tools enable you to open, read and print documents, by few enable you to make changes, or add your own edit. If you want to combine PDF documents, you need a dedicated tool.

Although Adobe Acrobat is the first choice most users would recommend when thinking of a PDF editor, it’s hardly good value for a small business or individual. However, all is not lost as there are far many other rival PDF editors which are equally as powerful, yet far better value.

Nitro Pro is one example. Although on a basic level this tool enables you to create PDF documents from any Windows application (plus includes support for the latest PDF 1.5 standard), the key features involve what you can do with an incoming PDF document. You can make deep changes to an existing PDF, adding your own components, convert PDF documents to a Word or RTF document, annotate and review a document for approval, plus create your own PDF-based forms. In addition, you can secure a PDF document so only those with the password can read the file, plus combine multiple PDF files in to one document.

There are other advantages too. For the price of Nitro Pro, you can share documents between three users within a small team, integrate within your standard company workflow and much more.

Nitro Pro 7 is a brand new major update. Ships with new branding, an improved user-interface, a re-written rendering engine, support for XFA forms and much much more!


Superb, powerful PDF editor will enable you to do just about anything you need from your PDF files, including producing, editing, converting and securing the documents