If you run a business, it is important to keep in contact with your customers and clients. The larger your contact list, the harder it become to manually keep track of who you have phoned and when, but this is something that Nextcall can help you out with. The app can be used to keep an eye on how often you call the people you have in your address book so you know when it is time to chase up clients or get in touch with other people.

Using the app and getting it up and running are incredibly simple tasks. You can quickly view a list of your contacts which is ordered by when you called them last, but the app is intelligent enough to know that you are not going to want to call everyone with the same regularity. With this in mind you can configure different schedules for different people – you might want to call one contact once a week, and others once a month.

At the moment, this is a handy but fairly basic tool. At some point in the future, it is going to be complemented with a premium version which will feature a number of additional options. This includes the ability to ignore or monitor text messages, a search function and alerts for contact calls that have become overdue. But the free version is still worth a look.

While the app has been designed mainly with businesses in mind – and it’s easy to see how it could be extremely beneficial to small businesses in particular – it is something that also has a place for non-business use. The example given by the app’s developer gives is that few people call their mothers as often as they ‘should’. Nextcall enables you to keep track of exactly when it was that you last checked in as well as monitoring how long it is since you phoned different friends.


Valuable for both work and personal use, this is a tool that could replace any call logs you are manually creating.