Office suites are among the most common programs installed on computers, but a few familiar names tend to dominant the field. Kingsoft Office 2009 is an alternative suite whose name may not be immediately familiar, but is incredibly easy to use and benefits from virtually no learning curve when making the switch from your current suite.

Made up of a word processor in the form of Kingsoft Writer, a spreadsheet application, Kingsoft Spreadsheets, and a presentation tool, Kingsoft Presentation, there's everything you need to create personal and business documents on a day to day basis. A tabbed interface makes it easy to work with multiple documents at the same time, and support for PDF creation means that it is easy to save files that can be opened on virtually any computer. There is also support for all popular document formats so there are no concerns about compatibility.

The suite makes intelligent use of system resources so it is quick to launch and operates well even on older hardware. Problems with the programs are few and far between, but should an issue arise there is a utility on hand to help diagnose and fix it. There is also an automatic update option available so you can be sure that you are always working with the latest version of the suite and have the most recent patches and updates installed. Kingsoft Office 2009 may not be the most famous name in the office suite arena, but it is a very well presented and professional tool which will benefit individuals and businesses alike.

A 100 day trial is available to enable you to try out the software.


Kingsoft Office 2009 includes everything you would expect to find in an office suite and more.