There can be few businesses that do not understand the value and importance of social media. Having a presence on the likes of Facebook and Twitter can help to put forward a friendly face and gives customers and other businesses a handy point of contact. But managing social media can be a nightmare. This is where BuzzBundle aims to help out.

Things get off to a great start thanks to the fact that the software is available for Mac, Windows and Linux. There are currently not mobile versions available, but this is not necessarily a major problem. The software lets you create a profile that can then be used to manage numerous related accounts. Your business may have a Facebook and Twitter account that are used by customers, while the corporate blog and LinkedIn profile are more likely to be accessed by clients, competitors and those in the industry.

Even in this scenario, having four different profiles to manage can quickly spiral out of control. One of the things that BuzzBundle lets you do is to manage them all from one place, without the need to keep signing in and out of different accounts. Different accounts can be grouped together into related personas, each reflecting a different side of your business, and in this way it is possible to set up target campaigns complete with scheduled posts.

But the tool can also be used in other ways. It can be used to monitor social networks, blog and forums for any references to you, your business and your products and services. This makes it possible to quickly respond to complaints and queries even if they have not been made directly to you or your company.

You are also able to create new social network accounts as and when required from within the app. Decide that you need new profiles for a new branch of your business? BuzzBundle can be used to fill in all of the necessary forms so you don’t need to visit countless websites.

It is BuzzBundle’s monitoring options that are particularly interesting. It helps to automate the process of tracking your company’s online rating, popularity and more. It provides a handy way to stay in control of your brand reputation and more easily keep in touch with clients and customers with a minimum of effort and outlay.

There is a free version of BuzzBundle available and, as you would expect, this features a few limitations. While it is possible to work with an unlimited number of social profiles, you are only able to monitor a percentage of online mentions of your company or brand, can monitor fewer keywords and there is no option to save your online history. All of this, and more, can be unlocked in the paid for version.


A staggeringly powerful social media management tool that will help propel any company to the next level by simplifying the control of an online presence and allowing for better engagement with customers and clients.