Although we're not avid gamers, to succeed you need power and to obtain power you need to take your system to the max, squeeze as much energy you can to avoid gaming lag and to achieve this, you need to eliminate any applications which can cause system slowdown.

Problem is, to achieve this you need to close down other applications, including your web browser (keep open a few tabs and you'll soon find your CPU usage goes up).

Opera GX is a custom version of the regular browser aimed specifically at gamers. It looks very different too. An all-black highly customisable UI presents you with the latest gaming news, forthcoming releases and info aimed at the gaming community including full Twitch support right into the browser.

What's specific for gamers? First up is a RAM limiter which enables you to choose the memory that is being utilised by your web browser, so it doesn't simply gobble up as much memory as it likes, which can be a constant issue if you open a media-laden web page and leave it running in the background. A CPU limiter will perform a very similar task, but of course making sure the browser doesn't gobble up CPU time.

You also get an instant messager so you could use Opera GX to swap messages with other gamers, plus the usual Opera features such as a free unlimited VPN, ad blocker and much more.

Note Opera GX is Windows only.


It's taken a while, but Opera's rebooted web browser is finally starting to come of age, particularly now it's restored key features like bookmarks. Well worth trying alongside your regular browser.