Map Puzzle is a free portable map downloader.

The program supports many map services beyond Google and Bing. There's Arcgis, MapQuest, OSM, ToolServer, various government and specialist sites, and with many variations: satellite images, regular maps (with or without labels), transport maps, artistic maps and more.

Map Puzzle is absolutely crammed with features, and most of them are visible on the very first screen you see. The mass of boxes, buttons and lists can be intimidating, but don't put off: basic usage is surprisingly simple.

To get started, select a "Base" (Google, Bing, or some other map provider), enter a location in the Address box and click Search.

If the address is recognised (our test examples always were), Map Puzzle fills in its Latitude and Longitude. Clicking "Preview" displays a small image of the location to confirm it's correct, and clicking "Download" grabs a full-sized version.

The "Image Settings" pane has tweaks for map zoom, image size, file name and format.

Bonus features include the ability to overlay some specialist maps - cycling, hiking, skiing - over your main map choice.


Map Puzzle's interface looks scarily complicated at first, but it's actually very simple and you'll understand the map-downloading basics within a very few minutes.