If you know where you're going in advance, then why not consider booking a car parking space before you reach your destination? You know where you're going to park, you don't need to go looking for a local spot and you can use an app such as Google Maps to plot a direct route to the parking lot. The problem is, finding a space and finding one which is available to reserve.

JustPark is a smart app which helps you find your perfect parking space from more than 200,000 in more than 1,000 cities worldwide.

Give the app a location and it'll display available spaces nearby. These could be anywhere from a someone's home to the secure car park of a business. Each space is shown on a map along with its cost (the company says it's up to 70% cheaper than street parking), and the time it'll take to walk to your destination.

You can book and reserve your space in seconds. This will be for a fixed period, but you can also manage it later from your phone (extend the booking, maybe cancel).

The app provides turn-by-turn directions to help you find your space, a welcome move as these can be a little out of the way.

When your visit is over, Google Map-based directions get you quickly back to your car. There's also a handy Apple Watch version of the app which enables you to 

It's worth adding that JustPark Parking is designed as an app where you can find parking in advance and reserve, rather than turn up in a city and turn to an app to find an immediate space. Other apps such as Parkopedia are better for finding a local parking lot with multiple (free) spaces.

What's new in 3.12.7?

- Siri integration. You can now extend your booking with Siri
- Listing your parking space with us via the app is now easier than ever
- Various performance and other usability improvements


Parking can be a major hassle in big cities, especially if you don't know your way around. JustPark makes life much easier by enabling you to book and reserve spaces as required. But, remember, book in advance rather than turn up and expect to find a local space.