Recently Apple introduced a function to iOS which enabled you to use a third-party password manager to quickly and securely login to your favourite websites, without having to remember your information nor store them in your iOS keychain.

Problem is, if your favourite web browser is something like Firefox and iOS always defaults to opening Safari, then you're somewhat stuffed. All your important passwords are stored in your favourite browser with no easy access from another browser.

Mozilla has the solution with the launch of Firefox 70 and it's the introduction of the Lockwise extension. This will now store your passwords within Firefox, then enable you to sync them to other devices, outside of Firefox. The official app here, for iOS and Android, will give you direct access to your Firefox passwords without requiring Firefox, so you can quickly copy and paste from the app into another, securely of course. The passwords can autofill directly from the app, too.

The app supports both Face ID and Touch ID, so you can retrieve your passwords using either your face or finger, without requiring a master password for access.

And that's about it. The app won't create different styles of logins or safeguard your personal ID, just your passwords. It won't auto-create passwords either, but Firefox will. So you'd still need Firefox. You couldn't use the app alongside, say, Safari and use Lockwise as your independent replacement password manager, so that's where the limitations are for us. We'd rather use a tool such as 1Password or Password Safe, to store and sync our passwords across devices.


Good free password extender for Firefox users, but really limited in capabilities and we'd so much more from our password management tool (such as storing more fields).