Keeping abreast of the latest news from your favourite web sites usually means either visiting a large number of web sites or making use of RSS feeds. The Early Edition is a unique iPad app which provides a new way of ready news and blog posts.

New stories and posts are provided in a newspaper style format which displays headlines on a well laid out page. You have the option of adding individual feeds to your newspaper, or you can import OPML files to save configuration time.

Gesture support means that flicking through headlines is as simple as turning the pages of a newspaper, and access to full stories is little more than a tap away. As well as news feeds, you can also subscribe to Twitter feeds in the app.

Stories can be shared with others via email, and Instapaper can be used to save individual articles for reading at a later time. The Early Edition is a fine example of how touch screens can be put to excellent use, and is a wonderful means of reading the latest web site posts.


A unique, impressive and striking way of keeping up to date with the feeds you subscribe to.