Dream Afar is a Chrome extension which displays gorgeous pictures in every New Tab page.

Unlike many similar add-ons, Dream Afar doesn't restrict you to a single image source. It can grab pictures from Flickr, Bing, 500px, Google Earth, Google Art, Unsplash and its own collection.

Images sources may be individually enabled and disabled. You only want to use Flickr and Bing? No problem, you can do that in a few clicks.

Dream Afar isn't just about the imagery. The default screen has a Google search box, a clock, the weather in your location, and links to your History, Bookmarks and Apps.

Most of these options are also very configurable. You can show or hide them, set their opacity, or have them only display when the mouse hovers over it. The search bar can use Google, Bing or Baidu, and the default background image may be replaced every minute, hour or day.


There are a lot of similar new-tab-wallpaper extensions around, but Dream Afar's configurability and multiple image sources help it stand out.