Whether through unfamiliarity or falling asleep, almost every traveller has managed to miss their stop on the bus or train. This can mean being late for an important appointment, or having to make expensive and time-consuming travel arrangements in order to reach your destination. This is something that TravAlert can help you to avoid.

Taking advantage of your iOS device's built in GPS receiver, the app is able to determine your current position. Having indicated whether you are travelling by train or by bus, and told the app what your destination is, it is then possible to configure an alarm that will sound a few minutes before you reach your stop.

If you regularly take the same journeys - perhaps between the office and home - you have the option of saving these as favourites so they can be easily recalled when they are next needed. The only real downside to using the app is the fact that GPS use is something of a battery drain, so if used on the way to work, TravAlert will mean that you start the day with a slightly depleted battery

With the ability to sound an alarm, vibrate your iPhone or iPad, or play a song from your iTunes library, TravAlert can help you to ensure that you always arrive on time - it is an incredibly simple idea and it works well.


A simple concept for an app that solves a problem facing many commuters - a great solution at a great price.