Getting in shape and being health conscious is becoming increasingly popular, whether your going to the gym, CrossFit, cycling or running. Since smartphones are becoming more advanced, there's a whole range of apps to help you run and keep you motivated. One of the most popular, best rated and successful apps in this market is Runtastic.

Runtastic is free, with a paid pro version which enables you to access voice coaching, guidance, ad-free, auto pause and elevation. The app is clean, intuitive and easy to understand as soon as you open it.  The app will update this content whilst you’re running: your map, current pace, average pace, distance and duration.

Once you finish your run the app summarizes everything you’ve achieved. Distance, duration, calories. It also gives you average speed, pace, max speed and also average steps. Apart from the coaching (Pro only), the other powerful feature is support for social networks, so you can share your run and you can experience the community with people cheering you on and you can compare your times with others.

Another neat feature as part of Runtastic is the hydration information for after the run. The app provides you with a suggestion on how to recover based on activity details, personals stats and the weather you ran in. It will then suggest how much water you should ingest.

The app then, is super easy to use, works like a coach helps you track your runs and keep fit and it’s pro version is immensely popular.


A great and easy app to use, and one you will actually use all the time to improve on your running.