When driving in a city a universal problem for many of us is locating a parking spot, especially if you’re driving solo. City parking is valuable and in many places, private off-street parking is expensive and you may only want to park for a couple of hours at an affordable spot. So how do you go about finding on-street parking which is either metered or, better, free?

Utilising several different and secret sources, including historical data, it is possible to the current situation is in your city regarding street parking. Parknav is an app that is completely free and makes money by providing car makers, and local city municipalities. So, in future, your car will potentially have all this information built in, with BMW is currently leading the way.

Parknav is simple to use, you simply select the type of street parking you want to find (free, metered or permit) you then get shown open street parking in real-time with the immediate area near you. This is displayed in colour coding via bright green, orange, and red. Representing 100-75, 75-50, 50-25 and 25-0% chance of getting a parking spot. Thus you’re not guaranteed a spot, but the percentage chances of you getting one are pretty accurate. Once you’ve found a spot you can then save the car location and subsequently get a walking path back to your car.

Whilst searching for a parking spot for a specific address, Parknav will also guide you to your spot by providing the best route for finding a parking spot on the road and it will show you an open spot if someone has recently left your spot. By showing you great, affordable street parking, it will save you between 2 and 20$ per month depending on how often you park and save you a tonne of hassle and driving around in circles while trying to find a spot.

What's new in 3.2.7?

- Minor bug fixes


Parknav is still in the early stages but multi-source crowdsourcing for parking data is an innovative and cost effective way of providing it.