Instead of scratching your head whilst trying to remember where a specific snap of your trip was taken, LiveTrekker will pinpoint the exact location. With this GPS installed photo diary, you can take a picture on-the-fly and the app will place a marker on a map generated through satellite tech, just like Google Maps. You can even create a live event that will also be saved for you to reminisce over later.

LiveTrekker diaries can be shared with friends and family too. So now instead of trying to describe where that quaint little restaurant off the beaten track in Venice is, or the secret bar in Manhattan where a world famous DJ plays a low-key set each week you can arm them with the exact location and images to look out for. Well, in theory anyway.

Although LiveTrekker seems like the ultimate travel companion, at the time of writing the app has some severe issues. In principle, the photo journal bit works, but the menus are cumbersome and sharing is completely hit and miss. The biggest problem to date is that the app, without warning, can download hundreds of peoples’ photos to your device as you’re browsing locations, which is a massive oversight on the development side.     

As we know with app technology, updates and remedies happen all the time, so LiveTrekker might still be saved, but until a steady overhaul is performed, we’d suggest using this with caution. For us, we’re going back to scratching our heads and whilst trying to remember where a picture was taken. 


LiveTrekker has the ingredients of a great app for world travellers. But persistent problems with sharing, unwanted images clogging up your device and poor interfaces means it’s a dud. Shame.