When it comes to booking flights and hotels, we’re all trying to do the same thing: find the cheapest deal. Despite the thousands of sites that offer these discounts, not many of them offer the incredible value we’re looking for. Hipmunk aims to eliminate that, and this slick app should be your first port of call when you want to fly somewhere.

Hipmunk not only takes the stress out of searching for holidays, it also recommends destination based on your current location. Through the ‘Discover’ feature, Hipmunk suggests a selection of places to visit along with the best prices possible. IF you’re looking to fly somewhere specific, then you can use the filters to find exactly what you want and book it simply through the app.

For the impulsive, Hipmunk has a superb feature called ‘Tonight Deals’. As it suggests, you can book a hotel from a number of places across the world and help yourself to up to 60% discount thanks to Hipmunks’ robust search engine that trawls the biggest and best travel sites on the web.

You can compare hotels, read reviews on locations and accommodations and even check a heat map that tells you how close you are to amenities and activities. There’s even an option to sort flights by ‘Agony’, which basically gives you a breakdown of flight changes, duration and, of course, price. Hipmunk is extremely thorough and the ideal app to look to when you’re looking for a bargain.

What's New in Version 5.1.1

We've fixed issues relating to Upcoming Trips and hotel details. We also made some UI updates to our search forms. Oh, and what's that? There's another crash that's been fixed too? Huzzah!


Easily one of, if not the best apps for finding cheap flights and hotels and the first place you should look before heading to the tried and tested sites online.