We've recently switched to G Suite and impressed with how it brings colleagues together – Sheets, Doc’s, Drive and also lately Calendar makes it easy to synchronise meetings. On the web, we’ve also been using Google Tasks regularly, but this has lacked a dedicated app to enable fully sync between Gmail and the G Suite, until now.

Google Tasks is a 'to do' manager that will keep you and your tasks closely synced with Gmail and G Suite users, enabling you to stay on top of your projects. This way you can easily see if your task is linked to an email if you need to find more information about a project.

As with other task apps, when you open Tasks you’re presented with a list of current to do's or you can simply view the priorities for the day. While this is great and makes it very easy for you to access the tasks, apart from creating a new list, splitting larger tasks in to sub tasks or sorting tasks by date, there really are no further options.

However, this really is the best way to be able to carry out your tasks, by actually completing them and not spending a tonne of time organising your work. Google Tasks really make it easy for you just to access your tasks with no additional fuzz.

With extra features in development, to bridge some functional gaps, such as setting a time deadline on your task or linking your tasks to a location, we look forward to using Google Tasks alongside the rest of the Google Suite.


A decent, but not perfect, app for getting your projects and todo's done. However, while simplicity is key, it does lack some features which would be useful.