The advent of online shopping has made it easier than ever to save money when it comes to buying a huge range of goods. However, the best deals are not always found online and there is still a strong argument for checking high street prices in case you can grab a bargain.,

But when you are out and about shopping, how can you tell if a price in store is a good deal? This is where Google Shopper can help, coming to the aid of iPhone and iPod Touch users. The app enables you to use your idevice camera to take a photograph of a product barcode and an online search will then be performed.

You can then view information about the product you have scanned - covering everything from food to electrical goods - as well as reviews, specifications and much more. Barcode scanning is nothing new, but Google Shopper manages to process images very quickly and has a number of other tricks up its sleeve.

Your camera can also be used to take snaps of book and album covers, and text recognition is used to determine what you are shopping for. There is also the option of performing manual text based searches and building up shopping lists which can then be shared with others. A great tool for any shopper.


A great way to grab a bargain and the technology behind the software is very impressive and fast.