Google Assistant is its latest version of the personal assistant device, which is the Google equivalent to Siri. The latest version of Google Assistant brings whole host of new expansive voice controls beyond the existing “OK Google”. For example, with your iPhone, it’s possible to command Assistant to play music via Spotify and send iMessages.

Whilst it’s been available (as a default app) on Android for a while, Google Assistant pulls out any relevant information for you and is clearly pitched as a rival to Siri on your iPhone: it knows your place of work, where you live and will keep tabs on your meeting locations, travel plans, your favourite sports teams and even your interest. These features are presented on cards and also as reminders on your phone.

Where Assistant excels is the interaction with your Google Home device which Google recently launched as a rival to Amazon’s Alexa. You can use task the Assistant to turn on or off your living room lights if you left the house and forgot to turn them off on the way out, as long as your Home device is connected to your lighting system. Of course, you can use Assistant and Home look up emails and locate orders sent through Google Mail.

Google will also be launching Google Lens on Assistant soon. Point your camera towards a restaurant and Google Assistant will bring up the ratings and reviews before you step in. Lens will show you what is on at the movies if you point your camera at a cinema.

Finally, you can also interact with the Assistant via text if you prefer not to speak or if you are in a place where it would be inappropriate to have a full human to device interaction.

What's New in Version 1.0.3004

Bug fixes and stability improvements


A good first start on the iPhone for Google Assistant, once the new slew of features mentioned comes in it will be even better, and perhaps we won't need Siri anymore?