Virtual assistants are growing in popularity with new versions and integrations coming out all the time. Smart speakers have so far come the most popular way to interact with your virtual assistant. While there are a few different options there are two juggernauts in this place: Google Home and Amazon Alexa. The latter has become  one of the most popular ones and is soon going to be coming out with a memory feature. And it also has a handy smartphone app which recently became iPhone X compatible.

The companion app seamlessly works with the smart speaker. You can check or control the status of your home features that Alexa controls, on the go. For instance, want to turn the air-conditioning up or down? No problem. Do you want to make sure your smart plugs are turned off or if you really want to freak your family out you can speak to them via the smart speaker through the app.

One of the genius ways this works as well is by automating your routines. So you can set a news briefing to be on your morning routine along with controlling your coffee brewer with a smart plug and have your morning music/mediation sounds all playing with a touch of one button to get your routine started.

You can also use it to connect with other Amazon Alexa/Echo owners and other app owners, you can also send messages through the speaker so if you’re running late for dinner you can let everyone in the room know very quickly! Using the Alexa companion app you will also be able to control all your music just by your voice.


All in all, the app is perfect if you are a heavy user of Alexa, which we are not yet, so for us it is not so necessary, just yet.