Shot Online is a veteran multiplayer golf game with MMORPG elements.

The program is partly a sports simulator. It works much like most other golf games - tap once for direction, again for strength - and the 3D graphics are average, but there's a lot of simulation power under the hood. For example, the results of each shot can vary depending on the wind, weather, temperature, player fatigue, experience, power, accuracy and more.

Shot Online also has RPG elements. You start by choosing from a small collection of golfing characters, each with their own abilities. Customise everything from clothes to poses, get out on the courses and start character leveling as you play.

There are multiple courses to explore, regular tournaments, or you can play rounds with a small group of friends. Bonus features such as quests, item exchanging and community events give the game some depth.

The core Shot Online game is free to play, but subscribing gives you access to many more characters and features.

Please note, the small download is the installer only. The full package is 1.7GB.


Shot Online doesn't exactly have the excitement of a regular MMORPG game, and the golfing elements don't really stand out, either. But there's still some fun to be had here for fans of classic PC golf games, even if you stick with the baseline free account.