GameRoom is a Java-based one-stop game launcher, library and organiser for Steam, Origin, UPlay, GOG and

There's no configuration required, no manual selection of folders, no "Import" button to click, over and over again. Just launch the program, it automatically detects your games and displays them. This even applies to Steam games you've purchased but not installed (you can kick-start the download from GameRoom).

If that's not quite what you need, no problem, the list can be tweaked in various ways. You're able to mark games as "ignore" to remove them from GameRoom, add others manually, or provide a folder to be watched for new games.

GameRoom accesses IGDB to collect all kinds of games details, including cover, background images, genre, theme, series and more.

Large and friendly buttons enable grouping and sorting your games by most of these details, and the time played.

The program isn't just about blindly launching an executable. You can also define programs to run before or after the game, handy for automating some common setup or cleanup action ("close all your Chrome windows").

It's also possible to define which power plan Windows should use while a game is running, perhaps switching to "High Performance" to get the maximum gaming speeds.


GameRoom is a fun game launcher and library, easy to use and with some handy extras.