Hiro Burner is a free disc burning package which supports creating a variety of projects: data CDs and DVDs, audio CDs, video DVDs, and mixed-mode CDs, as well as being able to create ISO images from your chosen files.

And the program's core interface looks much like similar tools. There's an Explorer-type view where you can browse your system for the files you're going to burn; a track listing area, where the disc contents will be displayed; and you get various toolbar and menu options to help control what's going on.

Hiro Burner isn't quite as convenient as other programs, though. We tried to drag and drop our test files onto its window, for instance - but that's not supported here. You can manually select your files in Hiro Burner's browser, only.

There were other odd issues, here and there. Why, when we'd chosen to burn a data DVD, for example, did clicking Actions > Burn Compilation only give us the option to burn our data to a CD? (Actually it worked with a DVD, too, but that's still confusing.)

Things got worse when we tried to burn a video DVD. We dragged and dropped in a few videos, and went to burn them, but just got an error message. Perhaps Hiro Burner can only burn video DVDs from prebuilt DVD folders? Maybe so, but we'd still have hoped for more helpful error messages from the program (the Help file itself is ridiculously small, and doesn't mention video at all).

Hiro Burner isn't all bad. If you just want to create or burn an ISO image, perhaps burn a data DVD or two, it'll probably work just fine. It doesn't really feel finished, though, and for the most part we'd recommend you look elsewhere.


Hiro Burner can burn simple disc projects without too much hassle, but the program isn't as easy to use as it should be, video DVD support is questionable, and there's no documentation to help if things go wrong