Ra is a Chrome extension which can create or edit local text files.

The add-on works with plain text files only, and is aimed at developers (files are initially displayed with line numbers, there are 100+ syntax highlighting schemes, you can use emacs/ vim key bindings).

Ra can be used by anyone, though, and after a moment spent tweaking the settings (choose a new theme, change the font size, set a custom DPI) you'll be ready to go.

The app is practical and convenient to use. You're able to open multiple documents at once, for example, and access them via separate tabs.

Surprisingly, it's also possible to open an entire folder. Choose your local desktop, say, and it's displayed in an "Open Folders" list. Expanding that folder displays all the files and folders it contains.

This turns Ra into a simple file manager, as you can browse files and folders, copy, create, rename or delete files.

Even if you're not interested in that, it does make for easier access to text documents. Opening a C:\Text folder, for example, displays a list of all the files it contains, and you can then double-click anything of interest to open it.


It's a very early version but Ra is already a capable text editor, and its file management abilities are useful, too