You've created a web CV listing your many coding skills, and would like some kind of graphic to illustrate that section. But what could you use?

Install the Chrome app Marmoset and it'll help you create a stylish presentation-ready code snapshot, a syntax-highlighted chunk of code with a custom theme, 3D and other effects (check the thumbnail for one example).

The app launches with some sample code in a left-hand pane, various settings and effects to apply, and a right-hand pane showing the results.

If you'd like to use specific code then paste it into the code pane, and choose the language from the list (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, VBScript and many more are supported).

Select a theme from the first list to change your code's colour scheme.

The right-hand list has various optional effects: Film, Kaleidoscope, RGB Shift, Sepia, Tilt Shift, Vignette.

Left-clicking and dragging in the right-hand pane spins your code in 3D space.

Moving your mouse cursor over the right-hand pane and spinning the mouse wheel zooms in and out.

The finished image may be saved as a PNG in a couple of clicks.


Marmoset is a seriously specialist app, but it can create some gorgeous images, and we suspect you'll be very happy with the results. Even if you only ever use it once.