CodeLobster PHP Edition is a powerful coding editor for developing with PHP, JavaScript, HTML and CSS.

The program offers all the core features you'd expect from a programmer's editor: syntax highlighting, code folding, autocomplete, drag-and-drop editing, a bookmark system, Find and Replace across documents, and more.

Start to explore, though, and you'll find they're all implemented with real depth. Autocomplete covers just about everything, there's regular expression support for Find and Replace, you get hotkeys to instantly preview in IE, Firefox or Chrome.

There's also a capable PHP Debugger. Point CodeLobster at your project, php.ini and a local installation of Apache and you're able to watch your code executing, view the code stack and variables, use Step Into and Step Over functions, and more.

Other tools include a File Explorer and HTML/ CSS code inspector. Emmet and Zen Coding support are included, and there's detailed local documentation to help you find your way around.

A $39.95 Lite version extends the package with FTP/ SFTP support, SQL manager, version control support, code validator, code snippets, Node.js support and more.

The $99.95 Professional build also includes plugins to work directly with AngularJS, CakePHP, CodeIgniter, Drupal, JQuery, Joomla, Laravel, PhaIcon, Smarty, Symfony+Twig, WordPress and Yi.


A solid IDE, easy to use and with plenty of essential features.