It is easy enough to take screenshots – it can be as simple as hitting the Print Screen key and then pasting the image from the clipboard into your favorite image editing package. But this limits you to taking shots of you entire desktop, or the current window if you keep the Alt key pressed. If you want to take a more advanced screenshot, or you want to add annotations to highlight certain parts of your image, you’re going to have to do a little extra work in your image editor – or you could turn to SnapDraw Free.

This powerful screenshot tool is basically a free alternative to the likes of SnagIt, but includes just as many features. You can create a range of keyboard shortcuts that can be used to take different types of screenshot. One shortcut can be used to capture the entire screen, another to capture the current window, or you can capture multiple desktops, transparent windows and much more. These are all handy options, but it does not end there.

The application can also be used to add graphics to your screenshots. Arrows and pointers can be used to highlight sections of the image, callouts can be used to magnify areas of interest, and text can be added to provide additional information. Images can be saved in a variety of popular formats, and there is also the option of sharing shots via email or uploading them to your web space using FTP.

Considering this is a free app, the options made available to you are very impressive. Taking screenshots may not be something you do on a daily basis, but for those times when you do need to capture shots of your desktop, this is an invaluable tool bursting with features. Creating great looking screenshots is much easier than battling with painting and editing tools in an image editor.


Everything you need to take every type of screenshot imaginable –an excellent utility.