There are over 4 million apps available across the Android and iOS app store. Part of the process of creating an app involves wireframing and then prototyping your app in UX/UI, in order to test out the mock-up of your app.

Mockplus is a rapid prototyping tool which makes user-interface design as simple as possible. Mockplus enables you to focus on the actual design process instead of trying to figure out how the tool works for an extremely long time. 

Mockplus is multi-platform, meaning it allows you to design a wireframe or prototype which will help you regardless if you’re trying to create a website, desktop or mobile application. This allows you to visualise all of your app or website, without having to use multiple tools. Mockplus also comes with plenty of components and icons you can use to create your projects. There are over 200 pre-designed components and the library has 3,000+ icons to provide you with adjustable settings such as top bar, list and bottom bar which can be very important when creating an app page. 

For all its pros Mockplus has a few drawbacks, such as its interaction components, in order to create dynamic actions on Mockplus you have to go through quite a few steps. However, in general, Mockplus is a great and simple tool to build prototypes and wireframes. Mockplus will even help you design if you are not a designer. Once you’ve completed your prototype you can preview the project on your phone, or export it to HTML so it can be reviewed by others.

What's new in (see history for more)?

- Support generating specs (size, spacing, etc.) automatically when you design
- Added the device frame of iPhoneX during preview
Bug fixes:
- Fixed the issue on the minimum height of the component library
- Fixed some program crash issues on Mac OS


A great and simple tool to create prototypes and wireframes. Although pricey, it's easy to use.